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Al Snow

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The Wrestler Al Snow


Al Snow brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Al Snow Biography - Al Snow Feuds

The Al Snow Biography

Allen Ray Sarven was born July 18th 1963 in Lima, Ohio.  Al Snow is a wrestler and actor best known in the ECW and the WWF / WWE.

Al Snow is a 1 time WWF European Champion, 6 time WWF Hardcore Champion and 1time WWF Tag Team Champion with Mankind.

Al Snow came to the ECW in 1995 and feuded with Sabu and Chris Benoit till switching over to the WWF.

In 1995, Al Snow came to the WWF and feuded and teamed with Marty Jannetty till going back to the ECW.

After the return to the ECW he feud with Shane Douglas then again returned to the WWF.


Al Snow Biography


Al Snow Feuds

Al Snow came back once again tom the WWF/WWE and feuded with wrestlers such as Big Boss Man, Mick Foley, Perry Saturn, William Regal, Christian, Goldust, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Sabu, Test and Kevin Thorn till going to TNA.

In 2008, Al Snow wrestled for TNA and feuded with Rhino and Mick Foley till going independent for a while, but returned as a road agent.

Did you know?

  • Al Snow was trained by Jim Lancaster
  • He fought under ring names such as Leif Cassidy, Steve Moore, Shinobi, Avatar, The Five Star Ninja and Al Snow
  • Al Snow was one the trainers for Dan Severn
  • AlSnow was in 1993 movie Ruby, 2006 movie They're Just My Friends, 2009 movie Mountain Mafia and 2011 movie Overtime
  • Al Sno was in the 1st 3 seasons of Tough Enough
  • Al Sonw is real life friends with Mick Foley

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