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Big E Langston

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The Wrestler Big E


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Big E Stackdown Playset

Big E Biography - Big E Feuds

The Big E Biography

Ettore Ewen was born March 1st 1986 in Tampa, Florida. Big E Langston is a wrestler best known for his time in the WWE and NXT.

Big E Langston is a 1 time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 2 time WWE Raw Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and 1 time NXT Champion.

Big E joined the NXT Wrestlers in 2009 for 4 years and feuded with wrestlers such as Dawson Alexander, Donny Marlow, Jimmy Uso, Lennox McEnroe, Richie Steamboat, Seth Rollins, Husky Harris, Jiro, Sakamoto, Brad Maddox, Briley Pierce, Heath Slater, Antonio Cesaro, Camacho and more till making the WWE main roster.

In the end 2012 beginning of 2013, Big E came to the WWE in WWE Raw and has feuded with wrestlers such as John Cena so far.

Big E Langston Biography

Big E Langston Feuds

Did you know?

  • Big E Langston was trained by FCW staff
  • Big Langston is the 2010 USAPL U.S. Open Powerlifting Champion in 125kg & 2011 USAPL RAW National Powerlifting Champion in 125kg+
  • He fought under ring names such as Big Chocolate, Big E Langston, Ettore Ewen, Big E and William Langston
  • Big E has powerlifting best such as Squat - 711 lbs (322.5 kg) raw, Bench press - 529 lbs (240 kg) raw, Deadlift - 799 lbs (362.5 kg) raw and Powerlifting total - 2,039 lbs (711-529-799) / 925 kg (322.5-240-362.5) raw



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