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Billy Graham

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Wrestler Billy Graham


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Billy Graham Biography - Billy Graham Feuds

The Billy Graham Biography

Eldridge Wayne Coleman was born June 7th 1943 in Paradise Valley, Arizona.  Billy Graham is a former body builder and professional wrestler best known in the WWF.

Billy Graham is a 1 time WWWF World Heavyweight Champion and a 2004 WWE Hall of Famer.

Before Superstar Billy Graham was a wrestler he was a football player and a bodybuilder.

Billy Graham started his career for the WWWF in 1975 and feuded with wrestlers such as Bruno Sammartino, Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff, Stan The Man Stasiak, Dick the Bruiser, Billy White Wolf, Tony Garea, Chief Jay Strongbow, Gorilla Monsoon, Larry Zybszko, Jos LeDuc, Ken Patera, Harley Race, Haystacks Calhoun, Dominic DeNucci, Sgt. Slaughter, Portugese Champion Carlos Rocha, Ivan Putski, Jack Brisco, Dusty Rhodes, Bobo Brazil, Rocky Johnson, Peter Maivia, Steve Keirn, Black Angus, Jimmy Valiant, Pedro Morales, Don Muraco, Mil Mascaras, Raymond Rougeau, Strong Kobayashi, Riki Choshu, Seiji Sakaguchi, Chavo Guererro, Edouard Carpentier, Steve King, S. D. Jones, Mike Rivera, Ted Adams, Don Serrano and Bob Backlund until till left.


Billy Graham Biography


Billy Graham Feuds

Billy Graham returned in 1982 to the WWWF, which as of that called WWF, he feuded with Bob Backlund for a year until he left again.

In 1986, Billy Graham returned to the WWF.  He went on to feud with Butch Reed and One Man Gang until he became manager for Don Muraco and then retired.

Did you know?

  • Billy Graham was trained by Stu Hart and Peter Maivia
  • Billy Graham managed wrestlers such as Don Muraco and Steve Strong
  • Superstar Billy Graham has been managed by The Grand Wizard of Wrestling, Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Oliver Humperdink, Paul Jones, Adnan El Kassey and Kevin Sullivan
  • Billy Gram and Arnold Schwarzenegger were weight training partners
  • Billy Graham was a world class power lifter and benched pressed 580 pounds and was within 4 pounds of the 610lbs world record at the time
  • Billy has the longest single title reign in WWE history of 296-day
  • Wrestlers who copied his style are Austin Idol, Paul Ellering, Scott Steiner, Triple H, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Jesse "The Body" Ventura
  • Wrestler who use Billy's attitude are D-Generation X, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, the nWo, Edge, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton
  • 95% of Billy Graham's shows were sold out he highest in company history
  • Billy Graham and Vince McMahon Sr. are enemies, so much so he sold his Hall of Fame ring on ebay
  • Billy Graham went to preaching after his retirement
  • Billy presided over the funeral service for Eddie Guerrero on November 18th 2005
  • BillyGraham received a liver transplant in 2002
  • Billie Grahams technique was inspired by Muhammad Ali

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