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Brian Pillman

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Wrestler Brian Pillman


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Brian Pillman Biography - Brian Pillman Feuds

The Brian Pillman Biography

Brian William Pillman was born May 22nd 1962 in Cincinnati, Ohio and died October 5th 1997 in Bloomington, Minnesota.  Brian Pillman was a wrestler for the WWF, ECW and WCW.

Brian Pillman was a 1 time NWA United States Tag Team Champion with Tom Zenk, 2 time WCW Light Heavyweight Champion and 1 ime WCW World Tag Team Champion with Steve Austin.

Before joining the WCW he was a linebacker on his college football team and even played for a little on the Buffalo Bills.  But gave up his football career to become a wrestler.

When Brain Pillman joined the WCW in 1989 he feuded with Brad Armstrong, Jushin Liger, Richard Morton, Scotty Flamingo, Barry Windham, Ricky Steamboat, Shane Douglas, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Paul Roma, Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero, Alex Wright, Marcus Bagwell, Sting, Kevin Sullivan and Bobby Heenan till he went to the ECW.


Brian Pillman Biography


Brian Pillman Feuds

In the ECW, BrianPillman feuded with wrestlers such as Joey Styles, Tod Gordon, Paul Heyman, Shane Douglas, New Jack and Mustafa till he left to fight with the WWF.

Once Brian Pillman was in the WWF he feuded with wrestlers like Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Stone Cold Steve Austin and then Goldust till he died.

Did you know?

  • Brian Pillman was trained by Stu Hart
  • Brian Pillman had nicknames such as "Flyin'" Brian Pillman, "California" Brian Pillman, "The Walking / Ticking Time Bomb", "The Rogue Horseman" and "The Loose Cannon"
  • Brian Pillmen had managers such as Marlena and Beulah McGillicutty
  • In the WWF he has teamed up with wrestlers such as Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart
  • Brian Pillman pointed a 9mm Glock at Steve Austin
  • Brian had 36 throat operations to remove throat polyps
  • Brian Pilman dated Terri Runnels before she married Dustin Rhodes
  • Brian married Melanie after she left The Ultimate Warrior
  • Brian died from arteriosclerotic heart disease

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