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Evan Bourne

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The Wrestler Evan Bourne


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Evan Bourne Biography - Evan Bourne Feuds

The Evan Bourne Biography

Matthew Joseph Korklan was born March 19th 1983 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Evan Bourne is a wrestler for the WWE under ECW.

Evan Bourne is a 1 time ROH World Tag Team Champion with Christopher Daniels and 1 time WWE Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston.

Evan Bourne began wrestling for the WWE in 2008 with the other ECW Wrestlers.  Evan had his 1st fight against Shelton Benjamin with a losing effort after being thrown into Kofi Kingston.  Evan Bourne then teamed up with Kofi Kingston and beat Mike Knox and Shelton Benjamin.  Which made Shelton his 1st feud with the WWE.  And went on to feud with Matt Striker, Nunzio and Chavo Guerrero and then went to WWE Raw.


Evan Bourne Biography


Evan Bourne Feuds

In Raw, Evan Bourne went on to feud with Kane, John Morrison, The Miz and Matt Hardy till he went back to the ECW.

Evan Bourne went on to feud with Jamie Noble, Mark Henry, Tony Atlas, Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston and still fights with the ECW.

Did you know?

  • Evan Bourne was trained by Gateway Championship Wrestling
  • Evan has had managers including Daizee Haze, Jade Chung, Allison Danger, Lizzy Valentine and Larry Sweeney
  • EvanBourne was been teamed up with Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio Jr.

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Evan Bourne Matted Photo
Evan Bourne Matted Photo
Summer 2009 Kids Magazine
Summer 2009 Kids Magazine



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