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Ezekiel Jackson

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WWE Wrestler Ezekiel Jackson


Ezekiel Jackson brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Ezekiel Jackson Biography - Ezekiel Jackson Feuds

The Ezekiel Jackson Biography

Rycklon Stephens was born April 22nd 1978 in Guyana.  Ezekiel Jackson is a bodybuilder and wrestler for the WWE under ECW.

Ezekiel Jackson started his WWE carrer in July 2008 as a bodyguard and advisor of The Brian Kendrick.  And helped him in fights against Jeff Hardy, Finlay and Triple H.

Ezekiel Jackson started fighting in WWE SmackDown having his 1st fight with Super Crazy and beating him with eaze.  He teamed up with Brian Kendrick and feuded with Carlito and Primo.  Ezekiel also feuded with R-Truth and Jeff Hardy till he went over to join the ECW Wrestlers.

Ezekiel Jackson Biography

Ezekiel Jackson Feuds

Since coming to the ECW Ezekiel Jackson has beat wrestler Jack Meridol and has teamed up with William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov and feuded with Christian.

Did you know?

  • Ezekiel Jackson managed Brian Kendrick
  • Ezekeil Jackson had William Regal as a manager
  • EzekielJackson was trained by FCW staff, Steve Keirn, Tom Prichard and Homicide

Ezekiel Jackson Figures



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