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WWE Wrestler Finlay


Finlay brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Finlay Biography - Finlay Feuds

The Finlay Biography

David Edward Finlay, Jr. was born January 31st 1958 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Finlay started his career for his dad in 1974 when he filled in for somebody who didn't show up to fight.  After that he was a full time wrestler.  4 years later he moved to England to wrestler.  He wrestled there for a while and became the British Lightweight Champion, then the British Mid-Heavyweight Champion as David "Fit" Finlay.

Fit Finlay is a 1 time WCW World Television Champion, the 1999 Hardcore Junkyard Invitational Trophy winner and 1 time WWE United States Champion.

Finlay fought in Japan, then Germany and Austria for Catch Wrestling Association.  He won the All-Star title and then the tag team title with Jones.


Finlay Biography


Finlay Feuds

In 1995 Finlay went to the WCW as Belfast Bruiser.  He became a enemy of Steven Regal.  Later he changed his name to Fit Finlay.  In May 1998, he won the

In 1999 Finlay went to the WWF and was in charge of training the WWE Divas for their fights.

In 2004 Finlay came back to fight in the WWE.  His first tv match was on the January 20, 2006 on SmackDown! against Matt Hardy which he loss.  And became The Fighting Irish Bastard.  Then Finlay teamed up with The Little Bastard Hornswoggle.


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