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Flash Funk

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Wrestler Flash Funk & 2 Cold Scorpio


Flash Funk brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Flash Funk Biography - Flash Funk Feuds

The Flash Funk Biography

Charles Scaggs was born October 25th 1965.  Flash Funk was a wrestler best known for his time in the ECW, WCW and WWF.

In wrestling, Flash Funk is a 1 time ECW World Tag Team Champion with The Sandman, 4 time ECW World Television Champion and 1 time WCW World Tag Team Champion with Buff Bagwell.

2 Cold Scorpio came to the WCW in 1992 for 2 years then went to the ECW for 2 years where he feuded with wrestlers such as Taz, Shane Douglas, Sabu, Mikey Whipwreck, Doug Furnas, Brakus and Kid Kash till going over to the WWF.


2 Cold Scorpio Biography


2 Cold Scorpio Feuds

Flash Funk came to the WWF in 1996 for 3 years and feuded with The Godfather and other big name wrestlers till going to independent wrestling circuits.

He came back to the WWE in 2006 for a year and fought in a Royal Rumble but then left.

Flash Funk came to TNA in 2010 and beat C.W. Anderson and now is semi retired.

Did you know?

  • Flash Funk was managed by Jazz, Theodore Long, Fly Girl Funkette Nadine and Fly Girl Funkette Tracy



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