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Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Hacksaw Jim Duggan brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Odd Sox
Jim Duggan SummerSlam 2016 Series Action Figure
Jim Duggan SummerSlam 2016 Series Action Figure

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Action Figures

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Biography - Hacksaw Jim Duggan Feuds

The Hacksaw Jim Duggan Biography

James Stuart Duggan was born January 14th 1954 in Glens Falls, New York.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan started his career in the WWF in 1972.  And currently wrestles for the WWE under WWE Raw.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is a 1 time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion and 1 time WCW World Television Champion.

Jim Duggan is known for being a American Patriot with his 2x4 and his USA chant.  And also for his Hooo call.

Jim Duggan got into the WWF with help from former wrestler Fritz Von Erich, who trained Hacksaw along with The Rock's grandfather Peter Maivia.  Jim debut in 1972, but left quick to train more.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan returned to the WWF in 1987.  Making his 1st was match at WrestleMania 3 with Nikolai Volkoff.  And then fought his 1st big fight at the 1st ever Survivor Series.  In 1998 Jim won the 1st ever Royal Rumble being #13 in the ring of 20.  And left in 1992.

In 1994 Jim returned to the wrestling with the WCW.  Where he became a WCW United States Champion and WCW World Television Champion.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan returned to the WWE in 2005 teaming with Eugene and left in 2006.

Again Jim returned to the WWE in 2007 and his still fighting now.

Did you know?

  • Jim Duggan is the oldest WWE Wrestler still wrestling.
  • Jim Duggan won the 1st ever Royal Rumble in 1988
  • He won the Slammy Award for Greatest Hit in 1987
  • He Slammy Award for Best Vocal Performance in 1987
  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan is a survivor of kidney cancer
  • Duggan signed with Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, but was released after knee injuries.
  • Jim Duggan claimed to be the only wrestler who knocked out André The Giant in a WWF ring.
  • Jim won the crown and earn the title of "King of Wrestling" in 1989.
  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan was the 1st to knockout Yokozuna on his feet.
  • Jim Duggan has the record for most years in between Royal Rumble appearances.
  • In 1987 Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik got pulled over in New Jersey police for driving under the influence and found marijuana, alcohol and cocaine.



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