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Jimmy Snuka

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Former WWF Wrestler Jimmy Snuka


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Jimmy Snuka Biography - Jimmy Snuka Feuds

The Jimmy Snuka Biography

James William Reiher was born May 18th 1943 in Fiji.  Jimmy Superfly Snuka is a former wrestler and actor.  And is best known in the WWF and for being the 1st ECW Heavyweight Champion.

Jimmy Snuka is a 2 time NWA ECW Heavyweight Champion, 1 time NWA ECW Television Champion and 1996 WWF Hall of Famer.

Jimmy Superfly Snuka came to the WWF in 1982 and feuded with Bob Backlund, Lou Albano, Classy Freddie Blassie, Ray Stevens, Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, Hulk Hogan, Magnificent Don Muraco, Gorilla Monsoon, Roddy Piper, Bob Orton Jr., Mr. T and Paul Orndorff till he left for a few years.

Jimmy Snuka returned to the WWF in 1989 and feuded with Curt Hennig, Rick Rude and The Undertaker till he went to the ECW.


Jimmy Superfly Snuka Biography


Jimmy Superfly Snuka Feuds

In the Eastern Championship Wrestling, which was later changed to Extreme Championship Wrestling by new owner Paul Heyman.  He became the 1st ECW Heavyweight Champion.

From 1996 till now Jimmy Snuka has semi retired but has wrestlered wrestlers such as Metal Maniac, Jeff Jarrett, Jimmy Snuka Jr., Rob Conway, Dusty Rhodes, Billy Graham, Mae Young, Tyson Tomko, Bob Orton Jr., Roddy Piper, Kane and Chris Jericho.

Did you know?

  • Jimmy Snuka was trained by Danny Hodge-Eubank
  • Jimmy Superfly Snuka is the father of Sim Snuka
  • Jimmy helped The Sandman, Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley go thru with there wrestling career with his performance
  • Jimmie Snuka was the 1st wrestler fight The Undertaker
  • Jimmy Snuka and his wife had a Reality Show called The Superfly Challenge
  • JimmySnuka is a poker player
  • Jimmy Snuka is a suspect in his old girlfriend death in 1983 and is still an open case.  And he had to pay his parents a $500,000 for this
  • Jimmy Snuka has been in a couple films

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