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The WWE Wrestler Rey Mysterio Jr.


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Rey Mysterio Biography - Rey Mysterio Feuds

The Rey Mysterio Biography

Oscar Gutierrez was born December 11th 1974 in Chula Vista, California.  Rey Mysterio Jr. is a wrestler for the WWE in WWE Smackdown.

Rey Mysterio is a 5 time WCW Cruiserweight Champion, 1 time WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion, 3 time WCW World Tag Team Champion, 2 time World Heavyweight Champion, 1 time WWE Champion, 3 time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, 2 time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 4 time WWE Tag Team Champion with Edge, Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero and Batista, the 2006 Royal Rumble winner and 21st Triple Crown Champion.

Rey Mysterio started his career in the ECW in 1995-1996 then WCW in 1996-2001.

Rey Mysterio entered the WWE in July of 2002 with a mask.  Rey won his 1st match in the WWE against Chavo Guerrero.  He later joined up with John Cena and Edge with Un-Americans.  After Edge and Rey Mysterio teamed up to become WWE Tag Team Champions at WWE No Mercy.  But after they lost it, they went there own way.


Rey Mysterio Biography


Rey Mysterio Feuds

Rey became Cruiserweight Champion in March 6th 2003.  He lost the title but regained the title in January 2004. Again Rey Misterio lost the title and months later regained it back for his 3rd time.

Rey Mysterio later formed a tag team with Rob Van Dam and won the Tag Team Championship.  They lost it on the 1st match and Rob Van Dam got injured.  Rob was replace with Eddie Guerrero and they went on to win the Tag Team Championship for his 2nd time.  Later they became enemies feuding for several months.

Rey Mysterio teamed up with Batista and won the Tag Team Championship for the 4th time.  But lost it later.

Rey Misterio won his 1st World Heavyweight Championship in WrestleMania 22.  But lost it to Rob Van Dam.

in 2008 Rey Mysterio went to WWE Raw.  Where he became Intercontinental Champion.  And later lost it.

Rey Mysterio was drafted back to SmackDown during the 2009 WWE Draft.  Where he won back the Intercontinental Championship, but again later lost it.

Did you know?

  • Rey was trained by his uncle Rey Misterio Sr.
  • Rey Misterio is in the AAA Hall of Fame (2007)
  • Ray Mysterio is in the Tijuana Hall of Fame (2006)
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. won the Royal Rumble in 2006
  • In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards Rey Mysterio received Best Flying Wrestler (19951997, 20022004), Best Wrestling Maneuver (1995), West Coast Pop Match of the Year (2002), Most Outstanding Wrestler (1996) and Rookie of the Year (1992).
  • Mysterio gave a speech about Eddie and removed his mask to show respect.
  • Rey was the 1st one drafted to WWE Smackdown

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