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The Wrestler Solofa Fatu


Rikishi brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Rikishi Biography - Rikishi Feuds

The Rikishi Biography

Solofa F. Fatu Jr. was born October 11th 1965 in San Francisco, California.  Rikishi is a wrestler best known in the WWE and the TNA.  And as half of tag team The Headshrinkers.

Rikishi is 1 time WWE Tag Team Champion with Scotty 2 Hotty, 2 time WWE World Tag Team Champion with Samu and Rico and 1 time WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Rikishi came to the WCW in 1989 as The Samoan Swat Team and feuded with Midnight Express, Road Warriors, Steve Williams, Sid Vicious and the Skyscrapers till leaving the WCW.

Rikishi came to the WWF in 1992 as a tag team called The .  He went on to feud with Natural Disasters, High Energy, The Smoking Gunns, Men on a Mission, The Undertaker, The Quebecers, Yokozuna, Crush, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka till going solo.

Solofa Fatu started fighting independently in 1995 and feuded with Rocky Maivia, Viscera, Edge, Christian, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Val Venis, Tazz, Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Buddy Rogers, Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, the Undertaker, Kane, Vince McMahon, Billy, Chuck, John Cena, Bill DeMott, the Full Blooded Italians, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sean O'Haire, the Basham Brothers, Charlie Haas and Rico till leaving the WWE.


Rikishi Biography


Rikishi Feuds

Rikishi went to TNA in 2007 and feuded with Christian Cage, A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe till leaving TNA.  And now fights in independent wrestling circuits.

Did you know?

  • He fought under ring names such as Fatu, The Sultan, Alofa the Polynesian Prince, Rikishi, Rikishi Phatu, Samurai Sultan, Kishi, Sumo Rikishi and Junior Fatu
  • Rikishi had managers such as Paul E. Dangerously, Oliver Humperdink, Afa, Captain Lou Albano, The Iron Sheik, Bob Backlund and Buddy Roberts
  • Rikishi's brother is the late Umaga
  • Solofa Fatu was trained by Afa Anoa'i and Sika Anoa'i
  • Rikishi is the nephew of the Wild Samoans and Rocky Johnson
  • His sons are The Uso Twins
  • The Rock, Yokozuna, Samu and Rosey are Rikishi's cousins




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