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Stevie Ray

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The Wrestler Stevie Ray


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Stevie Ray Biography - Stevie Ray Feuds

The Stevie Ray Biography

Lash R. Huffman was born August 22nd 1958 in Houston, Texas. Stevie Ray is a former wrestler best known for his time with the WCW.

Stevie Ray is a 10 time WCW World Tag Team Champion with Booker T and 1 time WCW World Television Champion.

Stevie Ray came to the WCW in 1989 for 13 years and feuded with wrestlers such as Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes, The Shockmaster, The Patriot, Buff Bagwell, The Nasty Boys, Jerry Sags, Brian Knobs, Dick Slater, Bunkhouse Buck, Scotty Riggs, Lex Luger, The Road Warriors, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall
The Amazing French Canadians, Col. Rob Parker, Johnny Grunge, Rocco Rock, nWo, Meng, The Barbarian, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, Horace Hogan, Scott Norton, Bret Hart, Brian Adams, Vincent, Barry Windham, Kendall Windham, Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ernest The Cat Miller and more till retiring.


Stevie Ray Biography


Stevie Ray Feuds


Did you know?

  • Stevie Ray has been managed by Col. Rob Parker, Sister Sherri, Jacquelyn, Vincent, J. Biggs and Kash
  • Stevie Ray was trained by Scott Casey
  • He has fought under ring names like Jive Soul Bro, Super Collider, Stevie Ray, The Masked Heel and Kane
  • StevieRay is the brother of Booker T



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