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Former WWE Diva Sunny


Sunny brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Sunny Biography - Sunny Feuds

The Sunny Biography

Tamara Lynn Sytch was born December 7th 1972 in Matawan, New Jersey.  Sunny was a wrestler best known in TNA, WCW, ROH and the WWF.

Sunny started her WWF career in 1994 as one of the 1st WWF Divas.  She had her biggest feuds with Marc Mero and Sable but left to fight in the ECW.

Sunny came to the ECW to feud with Lance Storm, Shane Douglas, Francine and Dawn Marie till she left the ECW to fight in the WCW.

In 2000, she went over to the WCW to feud with The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea, Paisley, Crowbar and Daffney.


Sunny Biography


Sunny Feuds

In 2009, Sunny was at WrestleMania 25 in a 25 Diva battle royal for Miss WrestleMania but lost.

Did you know?

  • Sunny has fought under ring names such as ring names such as Tammy Spirit, Tammy Lynn Fytch, Tamara Murphy, Sunny and Tammy Lynn Sytch
  • Sunny managed wrestler such as Brian Lee, Chris Candido, Faarooq Asad, L.O.D. 2000 aka The Road Warriors, The Bodydonnas, The Godwinns, The Smoking Gunns aka Billy Gunn and Bart Gunn
  • Sunny was trained by Kevin Sullivan, Chris Candido, Jim Cornette and Larry Sharpe
  • Sunny had a relationship with Shawn Michaels but broke up when he though Sunny was seeing Bret Hart
  • Sunny refused to go nude in Playboy but was naked on Wrestling website



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