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The Nasty Boys

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Former Tag Team Nasty Boys

Nasty Boys

The Nasty Boys brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.

The Nasty Boys Biography - The Nasty Boys Pictures

The Nasty Boys Biography

The Nasty Boys are former tag team best known in the WCW and the WWF.  The tag team consist of Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags.

Nasty Boys are 3 time WCW World Tag Team Champions and 1 time WWF Tag Team Champions.

The Nasty Boys came to the WCW in 1990 were they feuded with Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner they switched over to the 

In the WWF, the Nasty Boys feuded with the Legion of Doom, The Hart Foundation and Money Incorporated till the return to the WCW.

Nasty Boys Biography

Nasty Boys Biography

Nasty Boys Pictures

Nasty Boys Pictures

Once the Nasty Boys returned to the WCW they feuded with Cactus Jack, Maxx Payne, Harlem Heat, The Blue Bloods, nWo, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash till Jerry Sags retired.

After Jerry Sags left, Brian Knobbs went on as an individual wrestler.  Till shortly reuniting in XWF.

In late 2007, they returned to the WWE and had their 1st fight in 14 freaking years.

In the beginning of 2010, the nasty boys came to TNA and feuded with Team 3D, Eric Young, Kevin Nash, Jesse Neal and Brother Runt.

Did you know?

  • The Nasty Boys have wrestled in promotions such as AWA, NWA, TNA, WCW, WWF and XWF
  • Jerry Sags is uncle of Cody Rhodes
  • The wives of Brian Knobbs and Greg The Hammer Valentine are siblings
  • TheNastyBoys had managers such as Jimmy Hart and Missy Hyatt
  • The Nasty Boyz were trained by Verne Gagne and Brad Rheingans
  • NastyBoys were on Hogan Knows Best
  • Brian Knobbs and Ken Shamrock fought at a hotel which left Ken Shamrock hospitalized


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