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Wrestler The Ultimate Warrior


The Ultimate Warrior brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

The Ultimate Warrior Biography - The Ultimate Warrior Feuds

The The Ultimate Warrior Biography

James Brian Hellwig was born June 16th 1959 in Brooklyn, New York.  Retired now, The Ultimate Warrior was a wrestler for the WWF.  the late 1987 to 1999.  In that time he won the WWF Championship Belt and 2 Intercontinental Championships.  And legally changed his name to Warrior.

The Ultimate Warrior was a energized ring enterer.  Going into the ring at full speed.  And known for his face painting designs and crazy arm bands.

In the 1980's then Ultimate Warrior battled out with Hulk Hogan as the most popular, even Hulk Hogan stayed the most popular, the Ultimate Warrior was right there for the biggest star in the WWF for 3 to 4 years.   Hulk Hogan and The Ulitmate Warrior had a fight with the heavyweight title and the intercontinental titles on the line, being one of the most famous fights ever in WWF history, and won.  And made him the only wrestler ever to hold both the WWF World Heavyweight Championship and WWF Intercontinental championship at the same time.

Later in 1991, The Ultimate Warrior got injured and could not fight for about a year.  When he returned he was caught using steroids in a random drug test.  And was forced to leave.

Warrior returned in 1996, in that time he started the Warrior University wrestling school, and left not much after to go to the WCW in 1998.

Did you know?

  • The Ultimate Warrior legally changed his name to Warrior which pissed off the WWF
  • Warrior is a public speaker now
  • The Warrior was pissed Vince McMahon didn't give him a cut on merchandise sold.
  • The Ultimate Warrior started a comic book called Warrior

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