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Tony Atlas

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WWE Wrestler Tony Atlas


Tony Atlas brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Tony Atlas Biography - Tony Atlas Feuds

The Tony Atlas Biography

Anthony White was born April 23rd 1954 in Roanoke, Virginia.  Tony Atlas is a bodybuilder, powerlifer and wrestler for the WWE with the ECW Wrestlers.

Tony Atlas is a 1 time WWF Tag Team Champion and a WWE Hall Of Famer since 2006.

Tony Atlas started his WWF career in 1974 teaming up with Rocky Johnson.  The 1st fight was with the Wild Samoans to win the WWF tag team title.  But after losing the belts to Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch, Rocky left.  Which led to Tony leaving not much later.

Tony returned to the WWE in late 1990 after finishing his fight with a drug addiction, but came back as Saba Simba.  And fought in the 1991 Royal Rumble.  But left again to fight at the WCW in 1992.


Tony Atlas Biography


Tony Atlas Feuds

Tony Atlas returned to the WWE in early July 2008 on ECW.  Tony became friends with Mark Henry at the Great American Bash and helped with at Summer Slam with Matt Hardy.

Tony Atlas finally fought for WWE in the ring in a tag team match with Mark Henry and have not wrestled in the ring for the WWE since 1986, and beat Finlay and Hornswoggle.

The 1st individual fight was with Evan Bourne also on ECW, on June 9th 2009 but loss.  And now fights independent.

Did you know?

  • Tony Atlas was trained by Larry Sharpe
  • Tony was Mr. USA 3 times
  • He was the 1st man to press slam and pin Hulk Hogan
  • Tony's best known partners are Tommy Rich, Dick Murdoch and Rocky Johnson
  • Tony and RockyJohnson are the 1st black tag team to hold the WWF Tag Team title
  • Due to drug problems Tony Atlas never won any big titles

Tony Atlas Items

Adrenaline #36 Tony Atlas/Mark Henry Action Figures
Adrenaline #36 Tony Atlas/Mark Henry Action Figures



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