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Torrie Wilson

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Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson


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Torrie Wilson Biography - Torrie Wilson Feuds

Torrie Wilson Biography

Torrie Anne Wilson was born July 24th 1975 in Boise, Idaho.  Torrie is a former WWE Divas superstar, fitness competitor and model.  Torrie Wilson was known for her career with the WCW and the WWE.  And fought under WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown.

Torrie Wilson started her wrestling with the WCW.  She made her appearance in 1999 walking Scott Steiner to the ring.  After that Kevin Nash wanted a storyline with Torrie.  Torrie came out as Samantha into the NWO to seduce David Flair to turn oh his dad Ric Flair.

Torrie then left for a couple months and came back under her real name Torrie Wilson.  And started managing Billy Kidman and the Filthy Animals.  Then left again.

Torrie Wilson Biography

Torrie Wilson Feuds

Torrie came back again a few months later.  Managing Kidman again but turning on him quick.  And left again.

Torrie Wilson fought her 1st fight in a mixed tag team match her and Shane Douglas against Billy Kidman and Madusa.  Then left again in the end of 2000 to go to the WWF.

Tori Wilson had her 1st appearance on WWE SmackDown! as part of The Alliance with the Invasion in 2001.  The 1st fight was in a tag team match with Stacy Keibler has her partner.  Having a Bra and Panties match with Lita and Trish Stratus but were defeated.  But Torrie won her 1st individual fight against Trish Stratus in a Paddle on a Pole match.

Torrey Wilson, Trish Stratus and Ivory started feuding together with other WWF Divas and also helped the Alliance.  Torrie started a story line relationship with Tajiri.  Which started a feud with Stacy Keibler.

In the 1st draft of the WWE, Torie Wilson went to WWE Smackdown.  Having her biggest feud with Dawn Marie.

On August 21st in 2005 Torrie and Candice Michelle were switched to WWE Raw.  Torrie and Candice started a feud with Ashley and Victoria.  Then Torrie and Victoria feuded with Ashley and Trish Stratus.  But left for a few months.

Torrie returned to fight with Candice and Victoria against Trish, Ashley and Mickie James.

Torrie then returned to the WWE Raw in a bikini contest against Kelly Kelly.  And fought in a 6 man mixed tag team match with her Tommy Dreamer and Sandman against Kelly Kelly, Mike Knox and Test.  Then started a on screen relationship with Carito.  But when they broke up she went to WWE Smack Down.

Torrie feuded with Krissy Vaine and Victoria.  Then left to only come back for 1 more fight in a 25 Diva Batlle Royal and was eliminated by Beth Phoenix.

Did you know?

  • Torrie was trained by Finlay, Johnny Ace and Billy Kidman
  • Torrie was manager of David Flair, Shane Douglas, Billy Gunn, Billy Kidman, Tajiri and Carlito.
  • Torrie Wilson won the Miss Galaxy competition in 1998
  • Torrie Wilson posed nude for Playboy and was on the cover of the May 2003
  • Torrie was on the cover of cover girl on May 2003 and March 2004 with Sable
  • Torrie Wilson is a fan of Hulk Hogan
  • Torrie Wilson was married to Billy Kidman till 2007

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