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Wahoo McDaniel

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The Wrestler Wahoo McDaniel


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Wahoo McDaniel Biography - Wahoo McDaniel Feuds

The Wahoo McDaniel Biography

Edward McDaniel was born June 19th 1938 in Bernice, Oklahoma and died April 18th 2002. Wahoo McDaniel was a wrestler best known for his time in the NWA / Jim Crockett Promotions / WCW and the WWWF/WWF..

Wahoo McDaniel is a 5 time NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, 1 time NWA National Heavyweight Champion, 5 time NWA United States Heavyweight Champion, 4 time NWA World Tag Team Champion (Mid-Atlantic version) with Mark Youngblood, Rufus R. Jones and Paul Jones, 1995 WCW Hall of Famer, 2011 NWA Hall of Famer and 2010 Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer.

Wahoo McDaniel came to wrestling in 1961 for 35 years and feuded with big time wrestlers such as Boris Malenko, Dr. Jerry Graham, Waldo Von Erich, Dory Funk Jr., Superstar Billy Graham, Ivan Koloff, Johnny Valentine, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, Ken Patera, Harley Race, Giant Baba, Antonio Inoki, Jumbo Tsuruta, Tully Blanchard, Roddy Piper, Abdullah the Butcher, Sgt. Slaughter, Ricky Steamboat, Magnum T.A., Jimmy Garvin, Rick Rude, Bruiser Brody, Nikita Koloff, Curt Hennig, Jerry Lawler, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Enos, Wayne Bloom, Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka, Dick Murdoch, Tatanka and more.


Wahoo McDaniel Biography


Wahoo McDaniel Feuds

Did you know?

  • WahooMcDaniel was trained by Dory Funk
  • Wahoo McDaniel has managers such as 
  • Edward Wahoo McDaniel was in the AFL
  • The 43rd Vice President of the United States George H. W. Bush was 1 of his baseball coaches growing up


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