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Former WWF Wrestler Yokozuna


Yokozuna brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Yokozuna Biography - Yokozuna Feuds

The Yokozuna Biography

Rodney Agatupu Anoa'i was October 2nd 1966 in San Francisco, California and died October 23th 2000 in Liverpool.  Yokozuna was a sumo wrestler and professional wrestler for the WWF.

Yokozuna was a 2 time WWF Champion, 2 time WWF Tag Team Champion with Owen Hart and the 1993 Royal Rumble winner.

Yokozuna Biography

Yokozuna Feuds

Yokozuna came to the WWF in 1992 and in his time he feuded with Virgil, Randy Savage, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, The Undertaker, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Ludvig Borga, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Fuji, Jim Cornette, Roddy Piper, Crush, Earthquake, Samu, Fatu, Chuck Norris, IRS, Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, Davey Boy Smith, Shawn Michaels, Diesel,  Bob Backlund, King Mabel, Vader, British Bulldog and Stone Cold Steve Austin till he was dismissed.

Did you know?

  • Yokozuna had managers and valets such as Sheik Adnan El Kassey, Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji
  • He fought with ring names like Great Kokina, Kokina Maximus, Wild Samoan Kokina and Yokozuna
  • Yokozuna was trained by Afa Anoa'i
  • Yokazuna is part of the Anoa'i family with The Rock, Rikishi, Samu, Rosey, Manu, and Umaga were among his cousins, and Afa and Sika were his uncles
  • He died of fluid in his lungs

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